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Size Does Matter!

It turns out that size does matter, at least where kites are concerned. If you are trying to get passersby to stop, look and spend some time at your festival, large show kites are the answer.

There are better made, more finely crafted kites. These kites and their makers will bring those already involved in kiting to your festival. However, they will rarely cause someone driving by to stop and investigate. But, if you put up some really big show kites, you will attract a crowd.

The sheer size of a Peter Lynn Octopus, Gecko or Trilobite kite stops people in their tracks and makes them investigate further. Put up a pair of 26 foot diameter crown bols and people will stand transfixed watching them spin. Add a giant red sphere with spikes and your problem becomes crowd control rather than an absence of a crowd. Assuming you have enough space, add the Giant Barrel and people will be talking about your event for months.

Now Here! The new Gecko has had its first flight!

M Gecko1

It all adds up to the fact that size does matter, and no amount of smaller kites will have the impact of a few large show kites.

My family lives in Southern California, you are always welcome to join us in this fun experience. If you are in the area check popular spots to flight a kite in Southern California.

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