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Here are the results of the comprehensive kitemaking competition at Sky Circus 99.

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
Trains, Centipedes & Arches Denny Roe - -
Dimensional & Box Tom McCune Ron Lindner Art Hass
Delta & Delta Derivatives Art Hass Tom McCune Richard Brumleve
Flat, Bowed & Sled Ken Blain Art Hass Gillian Palmerin
Soft & Flexible Ron Lindner Art Hass -
Rokkaku Mike Steele Ken Blain Ron Lindner
No Sew Ron Lindner Ken Blain Callie McCune
Stunt Kites Ken Blain - -

The World Championship Rokkaku Battles.

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
Small Rokkakus Mike Steele Justin Dudley Jan Winkle
Large Rokkakus Mike Steele Tom McCune Chicago Fire

And finally the Single Line Sport - Fighter Kite Line Touch events.

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
Novice Justin Dudley Richard Brumleve Francis Nocom
Experienced Nelson Borelli Ken Blain George Palmerin

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