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This page is a photo gallery of all things Sky Liners. Please send me your images so we can keep this page interesting.


Collections of images with a common theme

{MAKR Button} Images of MAKR 99
{CSLW Button} Images from the CSL-West Cathrines Wheel Workshop


{Sky Scapes} Sky Scapes: Herb Schulz and Jan Winkel
{Kids and Kites Photo} Gary Engvall(?) attempts to launch a large trilobyte at the Kids and Kites Fest at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.
{Dead Kite Photo} This is what happens when 50# test line meets a large delta, Ron Lindner does not look too happy about what Kevin Shannons kite did. Photo by Mike Steele
{Dead Kite Photo2} But all is forgiven. Photo by Mike Steele
{Charlie Sotich Award} The highlight of Sky Circus for me was receiving the Charlie Sotich Award from Charlie himself. P.S. You would think that SOMEONE would have told me my shirt was hanging out BEFORE the ceremony. Photo by Mike Steele
{Charlie Sotich in Japan} Our Leader Charlie Sotich flying a miniture kite in front of a HUGE kite (10 meters by 6 meters) by Mrs. Sato in Japan.
{Charlie with big kite} Charlie, say it isn't so! From the size of the line Charlie is flying a really BIG kite, not his usual minitures.
{Charlie Sotich arch} Charlie Sotich with his Pi in the Sky arch. The individual kites spell out 3.1415...

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