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Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat Photo Gallery


This page is dedicated to photos of MAKR, a kitemaking retreat held in Oregon,IL.

{Group MAKR Photo} Group photo from MAKR 1999. Photo by Mike Steele
{Group MAKR Photo} A slightly different shot, different people are now obstructed.
{MAKR Trepanier Kites Photo} MAKR Trepanier project group photo. Photo by Mike Steele
{Trepanier Kites Photo} Some of the kites by Trepanier that he had decorated his classroom with.
{MAKR Bug Photo} Lisa Schirmer teamed up with Charlie Sotich at MAKR to teach us to make some interesting insects.
{MAKR Bug Photo} Charlie Sotich imparting some of his vast store of kite making knowledge.
{MAKR Pam Hodges Photo} Pam Hodges at MAKR explaining her version of the Circoflex.
{MAKR Arleen Koif Photo} Arleen Koif displaying her completed spinner tail.
{Peter Pan Project} Kathy Horn teaching us how to make kites for the Peter Pan Project. The project builds kites for sick kids.
{Barb Meyer Diamonds} The diamond kites made in Barb Meyers class.
{MAKR Raffle 1} The raffle gets a little crazy. This is the closest you get to a picture of me, thats my hat in the foreground
{MAKR Hat} And John was lucky enough to win the hat this year. May I never be that lucky.

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