Mt Prospect Earth Day Kite Fly

April 16, 2005


Pilot on a pole
It has been one of those weeks. On Wednesday a rock broke my windshield on the way to work. Today, I flew when I shouldn't have. David Zavell, Micheal LeFevre, Bruce Aleshouse and I came out to fly at Mount Prospect's Earth Day Kite Fly. The winds were turbulant with the wind shifting back and forth in an 150 degree arc. We were in a field about 90 by 200 feet with the center of the wind arc blowing the length of the field.

As the tails of the Trilobite kept wrapping around things outside of the sides of the field, I took them off. The Trilobite was even more unstable. Disaster soon struck. I will let the photo speak for itself.

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