Great Lakes Kite Festival

May 20 - 22, 2005


There are kite festivals and then there are KITE FESTIVALS! I think that I have been to enough kite festivals around the Country to be able to say that this is one of the great ones. This festival includes everything from sport kite demos, fighter kite competition, kite surfing, giant kites, candy drops, an indoor fly, a great night fly and more with thousands of spectators. Of course a beautiful beach and great weather does not hurt either. All of this works to raise money for the Children's Leukemia Society as well as providing a great kite flying weekend.

The Gecko is new, so you are going to see more of it than you probably want to on these pages this summer. These images were taken on Friday in turbulent winds.

More Gecko

Yet more Gecko

Of course there were other big kite fliers there. David and Susan Gomberg flew one of the new Peter Lynn fish on Friday and Daryl Watters flew his mid size Gecko. But of course this is really just an excuse to show my Gecko again.
Gecko and Fish

Big Sam Ritter was there messing with the Mackinaw Kite and Toy people. And with David Gomberg,the AKA President and one of the owners of Gomberg Kite Productions International (Whom I am sponsored by). Click here to see a little (2 MB) video I call Dave's Insanity.

Sam spent most of his time flying his big stack of Rev I's. Here he is seen flying with the legendary Lee Sedgwick.
Lee and Sam

No wind
The sport kite fliers with their ultralights had a great flying day on Saturday. The big kite fliers had a little more trouble.

But David knew exactly what to do.
David sleeping

Sunday dawned wet, and David was obviously looking to entertain us. Luckily the weather soon cleared and we got the big stuff up for a perfect flying afternoon.

Octopus and Big Fish

Octopus with Daryl's Diver

Again, David knew exactly what to do.
David sleeping

But soon he was recruited to be an official observer for Mix McGraw's world record attempt to fly a stack of 276 small deltas. Mix came close, but did not quite make it.
And we will close with one last Gecko picture.
Gecko resting

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