Wildwoods International Kite Festival

May 27 - 30, 2005


Sue's Kite

The Wildwoods International Kite Festival or Wildwood for short is one of the oldest and best kite festivals in the United States. I can't speak for the sport kite competition, but it was one of the best years ever for the single line fields.

The Ghost Delta was the first kite put up each day by Pete Dolphin and the last he pulled down, flown in memory of our dear friend Sue Sedgwick. It was her favorite single line kite and it watched over this festival the entire weekend.

Arch and Fish
Pete Dolphin flew his ribbon arch for the press show on Friday. David Gomberg and I among others helped him fly, but he anchored one end for the entire flight. Mike Agner flew his Giant Fish.

David anchored one end of the arch for the first 15 - 20 minutes and then passed it off to me. After about 20 minutes I found another victim, but Pete was still flying his end.
David Gomberg



It had rained for several days before the festival. When we got here your feet would be sucked into the sand if you stood still for a few seconds. Pete Dolphin and David Gomberg were smart enough to fly from the boardwalk.

As the day progressed, the sand dried out and more kites filled the sky.
Friday Sky

One of my favorites was this Rok by Barry Poulter.

For me, Saturday was spent on the big kite field. There were a lot of other things going on, but I did not see them. Some of the big kite fliers were David Gomberg, Mike Agner, Tim Maruzack, Pete Dolphin and Jeff Burka.

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky

The wind changed direction on Sunday and picked up speed. We started to launch the Gecko and chickened out. Here you see a hungry Trilobite going for lunch.
Hungry Bite

David said it was not chickening out but wisdom about knowing our limits. Maybe the Owl helped us.

Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky

In the afternoon Jose seemed to develop an affinity for his glove.
Drinking glove

Barry Poulter (Bazzer) seemed enamored with his designer (Oakley) bottle cozy.

Pete Dolphin (Darth) did not think ahead about his mask for the Mardi Gras themed banquet on Sunday night. David's mask (Yoda) had a hole you could drink beer through with a straw, Pete's did not.

These two gentlemen stopped by looking for famous kitefliers. They found Pete putting his kite together.

Here the completed kite takes flight. This is last years People's Choice award winner at convention.

Birth of a Nation

Birth of a Nation

Pete and Bazzer were calling this Birth of a Nation. I think that it would be more accurately known as Conception of a Nation.

Ask Phil Broder about the great deal he got on this kite at the auction.
Phil;s new kite

The only organized kite flying on Monday was the indoor competition.

I never kept up with John Barresi's kite well enough to get a good picture.
John fying

David flying
And amazingly, David Gomberg actually flew a dual line kite

Sue's Kite

And I will end this update with Sue's kite flying high. Sue, you are terribly missed.

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